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Another day

It’s been 11 days. I’m just going through the motion. I miss her but I’ll survive. I’m just working and thinking about her a lot. It will be worth it. She only has a year and a half left. Then shell find an awesome job I know it


So I’m teDad ays in. It going worst than I thought. I miss my wife so so so much. Things are going good for my wife. Opportunities are coming in for her and her research is going good. I only have to wait another 50 ays. Only 50 days. 

Today starts the horrible part of being married to a phd student. She just left for 2 months a far away country. At least we can Skype this time. I’m miserable but I suppose this is what I signed up for.

The start

It was my last semester in undergrad and my undergrad and we were full of unknowns. Jane had applied for her masters and we were waiting for a response. I wasn’t sure if where I should look for a job. In her field there is no guarentee where or if she would get in anywhere. Luckily she got into several so we knew where we would be going by the end of march. This allowed me to start looking for a job but we were moving cross country so it was difficult. I was able to find one by June so we moved to the new state two months ahead of schedule and thats where the journey begins


I am sharing a journey with my wife, who we will call Jane. she is currently in her final years for her phd. I have travelled the country since undergrad with her few hike she got her masters and now phd. I wanted to share with others my journey which includes happiness, sorrow, excitement. I am just working in the field I got my undergrad in so Jane and I won’t have to live the poor grad student life. I hope you all enjoy this journey of mine as I share with you.